Monday, March 9, 2009

What Tito didnt want you to see

Propaganda book portraying Cetniks as collaborators. Here on the front page on the right and left sides, German officers are supposedly standing besides Cetniks, in addition to Germans crouching in the front row.

No German officers. That photo was taken with rescued American pilots

Hidden photos of Communists colluding with Germans.


March 1943

Germans launch reprisals, killing Serbian civilians due to Draza's attacks on the occupiers. Dated 1943.

German propaganda paper declares Draza Mihajlovic an enemy of the Serbian people, announcing that all Chetnik prisoners and sympathizers of Draza are to be executed. Dated 1943.
Retaliation for resistance

In 1943, the Nazis issued a standing offer for the capture of General Draza Mihailovich, dead or alive. The reward was 100,000 gold Reichsmarks. The Germans did not succeed.


  1. Haha nice piece of warcriminal propaganda! You may tell these tea-party stories to the uneducated illiterate habitants of the English colonies (USA) .Funny to present fighters with the "Sajkaca" on their heads as Partizans!The Sajkaca cap is traditionaly a Serbian cap especially used by the Chetnik-cowards.When are you starting your Adpolf Hitler rehabilitation site?Would love to see how you quote him as misunderstood humanitarian!Lying Arse!!!

  2. AVNOJ-SFRJ Duce drakuluj da nog da sa ce manse TITO s Satanu :P