Monday, March 9, 2009

German letter of cooperation with the Partizans (translated)

Director O t t has said the following about his latest events/happenings with the Partizans.The last time I came across the partisans was on Good Friday in the middle of Rogoj behind Trnovo where the outposts of the 7th Bosnian Brigade fired at us. Dr.Petrovic then communicated with the Partizans and went with the Exchange Prisoner of War/captive Hertan Hass to the Command post where we then agreed that he shall inform/notify/give intelligence me about the Trnovo Command Post when he was finished with the sighting of the preyed Propaganda material of the Cetniks which he was willing to offer to me for in exchange for our positions. He was also willing to tell me when the final interview with Tito is going to take place. On Saturday after Easter I did receive the letter from Dr. Petrovic stating that the final interview was going to take place on may 10th between Kalinovik and Foca and he asked of me to bring the remaining Exchange Prisoners of war/captives to that place on that date. Ferner passed on to me two letters that I received, one from the German (something) General and the other from Mr. Ges…dten stating that the exchange of the Croatian captives/POWs shell be directed/organized by me so as such this matter could finally start flowing. After I received these letters I attempted via Gorazde to get in the lead with the Partizans who had already built a bridgehead south of Foca. That however did not work out due to the around roaming Cetniks. As a result the reclaiming of the propaganda material had to be left undone. In the meantime however during a drive to the coast I did deliver a letter to the Command Post next to Podgora at Biokovo saying that I wanted to get in contact with the there stationed dalmation Partizan commando.

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