Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Documents & posters

Chetnik declaration of the 1941 uprising against the occupier

Since the German offensive on Ravna Gora called "Operation Mihailovich" in december 1941 failed, the Germans put a bounty on Draza Mihailovic's head.

One of the few saved orders of Major Dragutin Keserovic, to destroy bridges and railway tracks to further weaken the German war machine

German propaganda poster attempting to turn the Serbian population against General Draza Mihailovic

German propaganda poster attempting to turn the Serbian people against General Draza Mihailovic. This one says "Draza Mihailovic - Gravedigger of the Serbian people"

German declaration against the Chetniks

German papers against Chetniks and Chetnik supporters aswell as Communists

Serbian David vs Nazi Goliath

Chetnik aid to Russia

Tito's democracy
"Shall this be Mihailovic's monument?"

David O'Connell. An American airman who was rescued by the Chetniks. His sign says it all.