Monday, March 9, 2009

More laughable propaganda

Mihajlovic and American Colonel McDowell with a bunch of "Ustasa's". Its funny how they try to make out that Draza was allied with the Ustase.

They arent Ustase but Muslim Cetniks and a British officer..

* Mustafa Mulalic, Muslim Chetnik representative and member of the Central National Committee of the Yugoslav Royal Army in the Fatherland.
* Mustafa-beg Salihbegovic, Muslim Chetnik officer.
* Hasan-beg Muratbegovic, Muslim Chetnik officer.
* Robert H. McDowell, United States of America Colonel.
* Dragoljub "Draza" Mihailovic, the Chetniks' leader.
* Mustafa Pasic, Chetnik Muslim officer.
* Mahmud-beg Predjilovic, Chetnik Muslim officer.
* 1st Chetnik guard of Draza.
* 2nd Chetnik guard of Draza.
* British Royal Forces Officer that followed Colonal McDowell.

2 Muslim Cetniks in that pic are in this one with Draza aswell.

More Muslim Cetniks:

People ask why muslims fought for the Chetniks? Thinking that the Chetnik movement was a strictly pure Serbian movement. Fact is that Serbs were not the only ones welcome to join its ranks. Croats, Slovenes, Muslims, Jews etc joined Chetniks ranks aswell. They were either anti-communists/royalists, or they just simply wanted to defend their homes against Nazi/Ustasa oppression.

Zvonimir "Feliks" Vuckovic. A Croat Chetnik, was one of Draza Mihajlovic's right hand men.

Slovenian "Blue Guard" Chetniks

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